Corinn was the perfect piano teacher for our granddaughter, from age 7 thru 10. She was always pleasant to work with, encouraging, and effective in her teaching method. In my granddaughter’s words: ‘Corinn made it fun to learn!’ That is the highest compliment I can give.
— the McClure family
Corinn is an incredible piano teacher! She taught two of my children piano and they miss her! Her teaching method, wonderful demeanor and professionalism are the reasons why I would highly recommend her!
— The Denny family
I liked how Ms. Corinn let us play classical music on the piano and how she was a very patient teacher when we were learning songs.
— Ally, taught by Corinn from ages 7-9
I liked how Ms. Corinn let us choose some of our own pieces and encouraged us to pursue our interests on the piano. I was able to play classical music and pieces from Disney movies, the Harry Potter movie, and The Lord of the Rings movie in addition to my normal lesson books. She was very encouraging and explained stuff very well.
— Becca, taught by Corinn from ages 9-11
Corinn taught piano lessons to our daughters in our home for over two years. I was able to witness her patient and creative ways of teaching them. We all liked how she had them work hard, but also made the learning fun and encouraged them to tell her if they had certain kinds of music (classical, hymns, music from movies) that they wanted to learn along with their normal lesson books. She was a capable teacher, and we were sad to lose her when she moved away.
— the Froyd family