Pineapple Piano Studio Policy 2019-2020

Thank you for choosing me as your piano teacher! In order to ensure that you receive the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established the following policies:


Tuition guarantees that I will be prepared and present to teach a minimum of 38 lessons per year. This typically breaks down into ~17 weeks for each school semester and 4-6 lessons over the summer. I do not teach during Christmas break or on major holidays. Summer scheduling is more flexible for lesson time and may include a combination of private and group lessons. Students who DO NOT take any lessons during the summer session are still required to pay a reduced tuition to hold their space in the studio.


Tuition is based on the total number of lessons per year and so the monthly rate will be the same, whether there are 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons in a month. Holiday weeks, studio vacation days, and last-minute cancellations have already been accounted for in the rate. Tuition includes everything needed for a complete musical education, except for music exams and competitions which will always be optional.  Monthly tuition is due the first lesson of each month via cash, check, Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle. A $20 late fee will be added to tuition if payment is not made by the second lesson of the month.

Missed Lessons

Regular attendance is necessary for consistent progress. Two free lessons are built into tuition that may be used for cancellations or bonus lessons if none are missed. There are no refunds or makeups given unless I am unable to teach the promised number of lessons. If you must miss a lesson, please inform me as early as possible. If I have a free lesson slot that week (such as another student's cancellation), I will offer that, though I cannot guarantee availability.

Practice at home is crucial to progress. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to help the student find a daily, uninterrupted practice time. When practice does not happen like it should, please do not cancel the lesson. Tell me about the lack of practice, and we will spend the lesson time playing musical games, sight reading, catching up on theory, etc. These lessons are still extremely valuable! 


Students must be cooperative and respectful during the lesson. If behavioral problems are severe or listening is nonexistent, I reserve the right to end the lesson. Students must wash their hands before the lesson and may do so in the studio. Nails must be kept trimmed (this helps with proper hand position). No chewing gum, food, or drink will be allowed during the lesson time.

Lesson Expectations

Students should be vomit, fever, and strep free for a minimum of 24 hours before attending a lesson. I reserve the right to end a lesson at any point due to concerns about sickness. Any instances of head lice, bed bugs, or pink eye in your home need to be communicated to me BEFORE attending a scheduled lesson, and we will discuss how to proceed. I appreciate your help in ensuring that we only share music and laughter in my studio (and as few germs as possible!)


In case of a medical emergency when the parent/guardian is not present, I will use my best judgement in obtaining medical care for the student and the parent/guardian agrees to accept the responsibility for any related expenses.

Medical Emergency

Occasional masterclasses or collaborative piano classes will take place in lieu of the lesson for that week. Recital attendance will never be mandatory, but is absolutely encouraged and incredibly beneficial! 

Masterclasses & Recitals

Lessons may be cancelled at any time. However cancelling within the first six months requires a $80 music and supplies fee.

Lesson Termination

These policies are in place to ensure that Pineapple Piano Studio operates as smoothly as possible. Open communication between the parent/guardian, student, and teacher will do wonders in making this possible, so please reach out at any time with questions or concerns!

Thank You!