Piano tuition covers every aspect of the musical education - lessons, masterclasses, music, and more. No hidden costs or extra registration fees! Your child is joining my thriving music studio that extends much further than a once-a-week lesson time. A convenient monthly or yearly payment plan takes the guesswork out of budgeting for lessons.


40 Minutes

Traditionally piano lessons are 30 minutes, but I have discovered that 40 minute lessons allow for a more complete education and aid a child's comprehension of the material. Those extra 10 minutes go a long way in accelerating learning!


I provide a complete musical education that lays the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment - whether the student continues in piano or transitions to other instruments. Weekly piano lessons will provide the building blocks a student needs to excel in any musical endeavor.


Proper hand position is vital to play the piano correctly and guard against injury or wrist problems in the future. I teach proper technique so that students can enjoy a lifetime of injury-free piano playing.


I enjoy finding what makes each student "click" at the piano. It's fun to teach everything from Bach to Bruno Mars in one lesson! I focus on a holistic approach to music education, encouraging self esteem and self discipline as well as artistic sensibility and intellect. The study of music enriches every aspect of one's life!