How old does my child need to be to begin piano lessons?

I teach students as young as four. These lessons focus on music appreciation, rhythm and movement, and learning basic notation and musical symbols. More time is spent away from the piano. These early lessons are extremely valuable in giving your child a jump start in their musical education, as well as reinforcing fine motor skills, memory, following directions, and artistic sensibilities. Most six year olds and some five year olds are ready for full immersion into a piano curriculum. 


Do I need a piano at home?

Yes, daily practice is crucial to success, so an acoustic or digital piano is required. An acoustic piano is preferred, but there are many great digital options too! If you have a digital keyboard, it must be full sized (88 keys) and the key action must be weighted (to imitate the touch sensitivity of an acoustic piano with hammers and strings). I can recommend specific digital keyboards for purchase or help you in selecting an acoustic piano.


Do I need to buy music books?

I will purchase all books required for your child's musical education. Many of my older students like to find supplemental music online, so I do encourage any additional music that the student finds. Students may also take advantage of borrowing music from my music library.


What does my child need to do to prepare for a lesson?

Your child should have completed all practice requirements and any theory pages. In addition, your child must have their nails trimmed short. This is imperative for a proper hand position when playing the piano.


How much should my child practice?

Practice requirements vary by age and level of the student. "Mind spent" is more valuable than "time spent", meaning that I will usually give a child the assignment of playing each song (or section of a song) a specific number of times rather than just giving them a nonspecific "15 minutes". Short, focused practice sessions throughout the week are more valuable than long cram sessions just before a lesson!


What if I need to cancel a lesson?

Regular attendance is necessary for consistent progress. Because a specific time is set aside for each student, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. If you must miss a lesson, please inform me as early as possible. If I have a free lesson slot that week (such as another student's cancellation), I will offer that, though I cannot guarantee availability.  Two free lessons are built into the flat rate tuition that may be used for cancellations, inclement weather, or bonus lessons if none are missed. 


Do you teach adults?

Yes! I love my adult students! These lessons can be at an established weekly time, or I offer a more flexible punch card option for my adult students only. We arrange each lesson as you have availability, and it is subtracted from the prepaid punch card. Whether you've always wanted to play a specific love song or you want to learn chords, your lessons will only focus on what you want to learn. 

How much do lessons cost?

I offer a few different tuition options:

Individual Lessons: This is the most popular plan and includes weekly, 40 minute, individual lessons. Tuition is $140/month, which includes all music and everything else needed for a complete musical education. My studio families love the ease of flat rate tuition which extends far beyond just the weekly lesson time!

Partner Lessons: These are a combination of private and group lessons for two students of similar ability. The lessons have a rotating schedule, so each student has a week off every third week (student A, student B, group lesson, repeat). Tuition is $85/month per student and still includes all books. Progress is usually slower than with individual lessons, but the lessons are still a wonderful way for two friends to have fun learning the piano together!

Daytime Discount: Tuition for lessons between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday is $110/month.

Other Options: Please contact me for other options if you need a more flexible payment plan. 

I would love to schedule a free, no obligation lesson to further discuss lesson plans and availability with you!